Baths of Caracalla

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Baths of Caracalla -

Location and History

They are placed in the homonymous street near the beginning of the famous Ancient Appia road, which is interesting from an archaeological and artistic points of view. These baths were still in use in the VI century but they weren't anymore in 537, that is to say, after the invasion of the Goths who destroyed their feeding acqueduct.


These thermal baths were able to receive, at the same time, 1700 people in great baths fitted out with warm, lukewarm and cold water. Statues, splendidly frescoed vaults and valuable marbles adorned this thermal complex. Besides, round their most refined rooms and piscinae, there were libraries, palestras and gardens that made pleasant and relaxing this place. They were grand and important in the antiquity but still today you can be enchanted before the remains of that ancient splendor.

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Vario Avito Bassiano Eliogabalo (Imperatore) terminò i lavori di costruzione.

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