Palazzo della Cancelleria

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Palazzo della Cancelleria -

Location and History

It 's located in piazza della cancelleria , between Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Campo de' Fiori.
the construction started in 1485 by Cardinal Raffaele Riario that entrusdted it to a group of architects, including the young Bramante, and ended in 1513 under the pontificate of Giulio II.
In 1517 Cardinal Riario in his will he left the building to the public land that destined him to the papal seat of the Apostolic Chancery, role changed several times over the centuries.


The building incorporates the church " Basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso " The fact Cardinal Raffaele Riario , to build his residence, he was not no problem to break down the 'existing church of San Lorenzo in Damaso. He had not seen the wrath of the pope, who forced him to rebuild the palace.
The main front, fully lined with red travertine, is characterized by the length and the angle of the great door, added in sixteenth century by Domenico Fontana .
the severe and monumental appearance of the building will be addressed through the sumptuous interior. In the main hall called "Riaria room" or "room Riario" There is a clock face painted by Baciccia , while the "Hall of the Hundred Days" is decorated with frescoes "Facts of life Paul III Farnese" of Vasari (the name of the salon is due to the fact that Vasari would have boasted of it painted in just one hundred days).
Please note the magnificent courtyard with three orders of the young Bramante with the porch, with large purple columns of Egyptian origin, considered one of the finest ever built.

  • Realization by

Donato Di Pascuccio
Domenico Fontana

  • Commissioned by

Raffaele Riario
Giuliano Della Rovere
Pietro Ottoboni (Cardinale) ricavò nel palazzo un piccolo teatro privato.
Felice Peretti said Pope Sisto V (Pontefice)

Francesco De Rossi said Cecchino Salviati (Pittore) con gli affreschi "David" e "Giona" databili nel periodo 1548 - 1549.


Giuseppe Nasini (Pittore)

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