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Pantheon -

Location and History

Placed in "Piazza della Rotonda" near "Piazza Minerva" it was named "Pantheon" because it was a temple dedicated to several divinities. Thanks, first, to the restoration by Domiziano, and then to the reconstruction by Adriano in 130 A.D., it has remained nearly integral. In 609 A.D. this temple was given by Emperor Foca to Pope Bonifacio IV and changed into a church; this is the reason why it is still in excellent conditions.


Nearly all what you can admire was built in Roman age, even the dome, 43,4 metres high, and the solid bronze door. The arcade is decorated, inside, with valuable polychrome marbles whereas its façade has 16 monolithic granitic columns which are 14 metres high. Inside, the "Pantheon" has a circular plan and a stately lacunar dome. The only opening is in the middle of the dome and creates a luminous effect that exalts the grandiosity and the harmony of this monument. In its chapels there are numerous works of art and the tombs of thrItalian royal families, of Baldassarre Peruzzi and Taddeo Zuccari and, above all, there is Raffaello's grave.

  • Commissioned by

Marco Vipsanio Agrippa
Publio Elio Adriano
Lucio Pertinace Settimio Severo
Giovanni Francesco Albani
Maffeo Barberini

Alessandro Specchi
Francesco Moderati (Scultore) realizzò Sant'Anastasio nel 1717 l'edicola a sinistra dell'altare maggiore.
Giuseppe Sacconi
Lorenzo Lotti
Pietro Paolo Bonzi said Gobbo dei Carracci (Pittore) realizzò "incredulità di San Tommaso" all'inizio del XVIII secolo.
Vincenzo De Rossi


Alessandro Thorvaldesen (Scultore), Carlo Monaldi (Scultore), Flaminio Vacca (Scultore), Francesco Cozza (Pittore), Lorenzo Ottoni (Scultore), Manfredo Manfredi (Architetto), Paolo Benaglia (Scultore), Raffaello di Bartolomeo Sinibaldi said Raffaello da Montelupo (Pittore), Taddeo Zuccari (Pittore), Vincenzo Felici (Scultore)

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