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Location and History

It represents the point of confluence of three important streets: via del Corso, via del Babuino and via di Ripetta. It is characterized by the Porta del Popolo by Bernini, which was the most important entrance in Rome for travellers coming from the north through the consular Flaminia road.


In the middle of the square you can see the second greatest obelisk in Rome: the Egyptian Obelisk, realized in 1200 B.C. At the slopes of Pincio's terrace, from where you can enjoy an exceptional view of Rome, there is the "Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo", built in the Middle Ages and rebuilt many times until its complete restoration occurred during Renaissance. Inside, you can admire works by Pinturicchio and Caravaggio. The second aisle, the one on left, is overhung by "Cappella Chigi" designed by Raffaello during the Renaissance. Two more similar churches face this square: "Santa Maria in Montesanto" and "Santa Maria dei Miracoli", realized in the XVI century by Bernini.

  • Realization by

Domenico Fontana
Giuseppe Valadier

  • Commissioned by

Gauio Giulio Cesare Augusto
Felice Peretti

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