Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza

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Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza -

Location and History

You can enter this church through the "Palazzo della Sapienza", realized by Della Porta and facing "Corso del Rinascimento".


Its original structure is based on the fusion of two equilateral triangles (symbol of Trinity), which form a hexagonal plan like a star. Its tortuous shape is the same for the whole height of the church, and also in the dome's vaults. Its dome has golden moldings on white ground which point out the slim subdivision of the volumes in segments. The lantern, which is at end of the dome, it's shaped like a spiral, and seems to penetrate into the sky of Rome. Even if it isn't very much known by tourists, it is surely one of the most beautiful architectonic jewels in Rome.

  • Realization by

Francesco Castelli

  • Commissioned by

Maffeo Barberini
Giovanni Battista Pamphilj
Fabio Chigi

Pietro Berrettini


Clemente Maioli (Pittore), Giovanni Battista Contini (Architetto)

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