Colonna di Marco Aurelio

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Colonna di Marco Aurelio -

Location and History

It is located in piazza colonna and was built between 176 and 193 after the death of Marco Aurelio during the reign of Commodus stepson


Friezes in relief arranged in a spiral that cover the column shows the crucial moments of the victorious battle of Marco Aurelio against the Germanic peoples.
The column originally stood at a level lower than at present. About 4 meters are still buried under the road surface. Nevertheless, the overall height (including the base) is 42 meters.
Inside there is a spiral staircase lit by loopholes. The statue of the emperor was lost in the Middle Ages and in 1589 Pope Sixtus V
Sisto V by commissioning the restoration to Fontana, put it on top of the current bronze statue of St. Paul, the work of Leonardo da Sarzana and Tommaso Della Porta.

  • Commissioned by

Marco Aurelio (Imperatore)

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