Trajan's Column

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Trajan's Column -

Location and History

It takes place in the complex of the Trajan's Forum planned by the famous architect Apollodoro from Damask. In the plinth, inside the sepulchral room, the emperor's ashes were placed in a gold urn but the precious sepulchral room was sacked during Middle Ages.


The Dacians' weapons are represented in the plinth. Along the whole column, with a spiral course about 200 meters long, bas-relief friezes tell scenes of war and Trajan's life.On the top there was once a Trajan's statue which unfortunately got lost and was replaced by a ST. Peter's statue of the 16th century. A very small door is the entrance to the emperor grave and also to a spiral staircase which gets to the top.

  • Commissioned by

Alessandro Farnese
Ulpio Traiano (Imperatore)

Leonardo Sormani (Scultore) insieme a Tommaso Della Porta realizzò la statua di San Pietro.
Tommaso Della Porta

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